Ford Crown Victoria / Mercury Grand Marquis
Rear Speaker Replacement Instructions

Removal and Replacement Instructions
(steps 1-10 of 20)

  1. Remove the rear seat bottom by pushing the seat bottom "in" slightly toward the rear of the car and then pulling the seat cushion up. See the seat mounting "hooks" in the picture below. The rear seat bottom has two "hoops" that clip into the hooks pictured. Once the seat is clear of the hooks the seat bottom can then be lifted out and removed from the car.

  1. Remove the two (2) 18mm nuts securing the seat back (see picture below for locations).

  1. Remove upper seat belt mount covers. These are the plastic shrouds that cover the upper seat belt mounts. They simply pop out.
  2. The rear seat back "hangs" on some hooks formed into the metal panel behind the seat (see picture below). Once the lower mounting bolts have been removed just lift up and remove the rear seat back from the vehicle and it set aside.
  3. Remove the two (2) plastic push-in connectors from rear deck (see picture below for locations).

  1. Remove two (2) screws from each side of third brake light housing (see picture below).

  1. Unplug brake light connector and remove housing.
  2. Slide the rear deck covering out and set aside.
  3. Remove the three (3) mounting screws securing the factory speakers (right and left side), lift out the speaker and unplug the spekaer connector.
  4. If using 6x9 replacement speakers remove the four (4) screws securing the 6x9 adapter plates and remove the adapters (right and left side).



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