Ford / Lincoln /Mercury
4.6L Intake Manifold Repair

Removal and Replacement Instructions
(steps 21-30 of 60)

  1. Move the fuel rail assembly (with injectors attached) to the right side of the engine bay leaving the fuel supply and return lines attached.

  1. Remove the alternator belt by using a " socket drive inserted into the belt tension pulley. Turn the pulley to swing it and loosen the belt. No need to remove the belt fully just get it off of the alternator so that the alternator can be removed.
  2. Disconnect the spark plug wiring separators from the bracket just above the alternator. You don't have to remove the individual plug wires. They can be move aside to remove the alternator in a later step and moved aside to install the new intake later on in the process.
  3. Remove the (3) bolts from the bracket above the alternator (2 short, 1 long).
  4. Disconnect the (3) alternator connections (1 bolt, 2 plugs) and remove alternator loom anchor from manifold. The loom is "taped" to a T-shaped plastic mount that plugs into a hole in the front left of the intake manifold. Save the plastic mount for re-assembly.
  5. Loosen the (2) alternator mounting bolts below the alternator and lift the alternator out and set it aside. The alternator mounting tabs are "notched" so you don't have to remove the mounting bolts completely. Just loosen them enough to slide the alternator up and out.
  6. Disconnect heater hose from rear of manifold (hose clamp).
  7. Detach the wiring loom from the rear of the intake manifold. It is "taped" to a T-shaped plastic mount that plugs into a hole in the back of the intake manifold. Save the plastic mount for re-assembly.

  1. Remove the (9) bolts securing the intake manifold. The right-rear bolt will require a short socket and a small ratchet (we used a palm-sized ratchet).
  2. Remove the old intake manifold and gaskets. Take care not to drop debris into the intake ports or F.I. bosses.

OPTIONAL: This is a great time to replace the coolant (heater) line that runs under the manifold (see picture above). This hose connects the back of the water pump housing and runs under the intake manifold and out the rear of the intake "valley". Due to it's unique design it's not a cheap hose but it might be worth the extra cost to replace it while it is so accessible. Note that 2001 and up models (and possibly others) used a solid metal coolant line and thus replacement is not necessary. The part # for the replacement hose is Motorcraft KH-610. It is available from several on-line Ford parts vendors or from EBay for around $35. O'Reilly auto parts also sells it but your local store will probably have to order it as it is not a stocked item. This is also a good time to replace your water pump; especially since you probably lost all your coolant when you manifold blew. A new water pump is ~$30 and arguably a wise investment at this point.



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